Riedon Expert Discusses The Development of LED Resistors

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Riedon is a company that specializes in the manufacture of cutting-edge resistive solutions to all types of energy-using applications including current sense resistors.  Riedon has targeted the entire spectrum of sensing and shunt applications with a comprehensive array of low-ohmic value resistors. However, not all resistors function in the same way or equally well under particular circumstances.  The recent spike in interest in high-power LED lighting, for example, shows the importance of understanding all aspects of resistor technology in order to safely include the right type of resistors in all products.
Phil Ebbert, Vice President of Engineering for Riedon, explains some of the concerns with using LED lighting.  “A ballast resistor in an LED light may dissipate several Watts of power.  Therefore, it is important to use a suitable high-power resistor that can be mounted on a heat sink to carry heat away from the LED rather than adding to it.”
Riedon has solved this problem by including in its UT series product line wirewound power resistors for up to 13W of dissipation.  The PF series of power film resistors also rates up to 20W, and other series have various heatsinking and surface mount options to allow for all types of lighting options. Riedon remains committed to developing resistor solutions for LED lighting and other forward-moving technology.
About Phil Ebbert:  Phil Ebbert is the Vice President of Engineering at Riedon, Inc.  He is responsible for the process design and testing for all technology products and equipment.  Mr. Ebbert has been working in resistor engineering for 15 years and oversaw Riedon’s expansion from wirewound resistors to film and foil technology.  Mr. Ebbert studied physics, optics and computer technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

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About Riedon, Inc.:  Riedon has been developing resistive solutions since 1960 and is at the cutting edge of all types of technological advances in this field.  Supplying wirewound, thick and thin film and foil resistive products to the aerospace, military and technology fields, Riedon is home to more than 130 employees and has locations and plant sites throughout the world in Mexico, Europe, Asia and the United States.

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