Brain Cancer Pledge Drive Announced

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( — December 9, 2013)  — 


You have brain cancer. Those are three words no one should have to hear. However, many people her those words everyday and it just so happens that Laurel Scagliola is one of those people who had heard those ugly words, Laurel, you have cancer.

Laurel’s cancer is stage four giloblastoma, which is a form of brain cancer. Laurel was diagnosed at a time when so many other people are finding things to be happy for, Laurel got her diagnosis just before the Thanksgiving Holiday of this year, 2013. Can you imagine having to deal with brain cancer, or cancer in any form during the holiday season? Laurel’s family does not have to imagine, it is happening for them.

Laurel’s friends are doing their part to help their friend and her family. They have started a fund that is helping them raise money for Laurel’s family. The money that they raise will help assist the family with the growing medical expenses and other expenses that the family has to deal with on a daily basis.

Cindy Graham is one of Laurel’s understanding friends. Cindy took to the task of setting up the fund raising efforts to help the family in their time of need. You see, a diagnosis of cancer does not just affect the person with the cancer. That diagnosis has a lasting impact on every family member and friend who has grown to love the person who has become sickened by this horrible disease.

As a loyal friend of Laurel’s, Cindy understands the needs of the family at this time and in the future. She wanted to do the right thing and so, she set up the fund because she believes in humankind and knows that people still care. Cindy chose to work with GiveForward because they are the number one platform for this type of medical fundraiser. Like Cindy, the owners of GiveForward understand the growing needs that a family like Laurel’s face when the doctors say the words every person feels: “You have cancer.” The family of Laurel Scagliola need your help and your donations. The goal is to reach $30,000.00 and this goal can be met if we all do our part. For some of us that part is a large amount of money and for other, the amount we can donate is much smaller. The amount is not important, please, give what you can.

Remember that there are real people who are depending on you and whatever donation you can make at this time. We are almost at the goal and we can make it with your donation. Laurel and her family are doing their best to battle this disease and they need to pay all of the bills that a disaster like this has caused them. You can help with your contribution.

It is easy to use the website and easy to make your donation too. You just go to the web page and make your donation. You can also read any upsates that are posted there. Every donation is important and every dollar will help. Please don’t feel like your donation is too small, just give what you can give and know that you are doing the right thing. You are helping Laurel’s family and paying it forward.

Laurel Scagliola and her family and friends had to hear those aweful words “you have brain cancer”  right before Thanksgiving. Let’s trust that your family will never have to be in this situation and need help like Laurel’s family does. However, let’s deal withthe cards that are dealt, let’s all pull together and get Laurel the money she needs to pay the bills. Thank You in advance for your donation.