Director Jodi Hans All Set to Bring Back Memories of ‘The Goonies’

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( — December 6, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Noted writer/director Jodi Hans’ upcoming live action family film “Adventures of the Misfit Whiz Kidz – Episode III – The Fort Fight” is already making news in the movie making fraternity all over the world. It is being said by many that ‘Whiz Kidz’ will recapture the magic of the popular 80s  adventure–comedy film ‘The Goonies’.


‘Adventures of the Misfit Whiz Kidz – Episode III – The Fort Fight’, an upcoming family film from Jodi Hans, is about to refresh the memories of the classic 80s flick ‘The Goonies’. In spite of being only in its pre-production stage, ‘Misfit Whiz Kidz’ has already grabbed the attention of the industry stalwarts all over the world as the modern day version of ‘The Goonies’ in the making.


Directed by Richard Donner, ‘The Goonies’ was an adventure–comedy film that received extraordinary appreciation from the kids and families in the 80s. The story revolved around a group of friends from the “Goon Docks” and their adventurous search for a pirate treasure. Almost thirty years down the line, ‘The Goonies’ is still a household name in America.  


The wait for a sequel of ‘The Goonies’ has been a long one for the movie fanatics. There has been several attempts to remake or create a similar film for the kids and their families without any success..       


Writer/director Jodi Hans is known for his ability to come up with films that offer visual and imaginative stimulation, conveying valuable social messages at the same time. In response to industry talk Jodi says, “Despite the views of some industry insiders that the Whiz Kidz is a contemporary version of ‘The Goonies, it’s really an entirely different film, but certainly it has the potential to become for kids today what Goonies was for kids decades ago.


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About Jodi Hans: Writer/director Jodi Hans writes and produces films that are visually and intellectually stimulating while conveying memorable messages.  All of his projects are intended for the whole family.



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