My Barter Game™ Released In Time For Holidays!

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( — December 9, 2013) Phoenix, AZ — My Barter Game™ teaches its players how to get what they want no matter how the economy is doing. Players learn how to have fun using barter to exchange what they have for what they want. Ana Hawk – Developer of the game and CEO of Instant Barter, LLC says “This innovative new board game is just as much a fun family pastime as it is a valuable tool to teach the power of barter in any economy. Mastering this game will teach players the tools necessary to minimize the need for cash and create a more comfortable lifestyle.”


This great holiday gift can help players transform the fun into real-life prosperity.  “We’re teaching people to have the lifestyle that they had back in the heyday of business in the 70s and 80s. People remember when cars, travel, entertainment and vacations were bonuses for success in business. What people don’t understand is that it was all done through trade. It doesn’t really matter what shape the economy is in.  Anybody can have that lifestyle they desire.”


“Barter is the original basis for economic exchange.” Hawk says “The IRS sees trade and cash as equal.  My Barter Game™ is the way to educate everyone how simple barter has become.”

“Barter is an important way to obtain what you need in today’s economy.  Barter is recognized globally with over 400,000 businesses involved in the USA alone.  It has become a fundamental strategy in today’s business economic operations.  Large corporations understand the powerful tool that barter has become in business.” Hawk says.

Ana Hawk is the CEO of Instant Barter, LLC. You can contact Ana Hawk at 602-828-9088 or  For more information on My Barter Game™, please visit


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Written by: Rob Armijo