Bodyweight Torch Launches Part 2 of Best Bodyweight Exercises Video

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( — December 10, 2013)  Atlanta, GA — Mike Whitfield has released part two of his best bodyweight exercises series. After losing 105 pounds and keeping it off, Whitfield celebrated by launching a free bodyweight workouts program called Bodyweight Torch. He also just released a two-part video series demonstrating 105 of the best bodyweight exercises using no equipment.


Part one has gotten some great feedback,” said Whitfield. He went on to say, “Part two continues with more of the best bodyweight exercises using no equipment with a variety of classic and new moves. These bodyweight exercises include lower body bodyweight exercises and of course, the best bodyweight ab exercises. The filming was exhausting as we filmed all 105 exercises in one day, but it was worth it. I wanted to show the world that no having equipment isn’t an excuse to skip workouts. It’s also why I used  many of these bodyweight exercises inside the Bodyweight Torch program. The bodyweight circuits are challenging without the need for equipment. Both of the videos as well as the free 4-week program has gotten a lot of praise from our subscribers.


Part two includes one of my favorite bodyweight ab exercises called the ‘Around the World’, along with other bodyweight core exercises. I’m really excited to be sharing this information with the world. The two videos will be a great resource for bootcamp trainers, coaches, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and more. Whether someone is traveling or lacks a lot of time, the bodyweight exercise videos will be a great place to get fresh ideas without getting bored. After all, 105 bodyweight exercises is enough variety for even those with an advanced fitness level. This was a really fun project to put together to show anyone how to add variety to their bodyweight workouts and bodyweight training.”


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About: Mike Whitfield is a personal training expert who has helped thousands of people to transform their bodies using bodyweight exercise routines and simple fat loss diets.