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( — December 11, 2013) Denver, CO — 

Many companies continue to use traditional physical keys to control access to their premises.  Whether a business has offices, retail stores, warehouses, IT locations, or any other physical facilities, access control systems can greatly enhance security and the ability to manage personnel and their individual access to various areas within the work environment.

“Access control installation companies provide a number of important security improvements over traditional physical key systems,” according to Brent Clifton (Co-Founder), CC Security Services, Inc.    

Physical keys can be easily copied at the local hardware store, making it easy for unauthorized copies to be made and used to obtain access to a locked office or storage room, without proper authorization. Whether this is simply an employee entering an area of the facility where they shouldn’t be or a criminal using the key to enter a building and remove valuable merchandise, a traditional key provides only limited security.  

When a physical key is lost, it may require changing out the locks to ensure that unauthorized personnel don’t have easy access to your company’s property.  This creates a monetary cost, as well as wasted time and effort to mitigate the risk.  In the case of a lost or stolen electronic key card, the system can be updated to ensure that keycard no longer has access to the facilities.  In an instance where employees are given unique access codes, if a code is lost or a team member leaves the company, the system can be easily updated to remove that code.  

One of the greatest benefits of an access control system is the ability to not only control who has access to various sections of a company’s facilities, but also to keep access logs, so the business can monitor activity.  Many companies need to keep track of which employees are accessing various parts of the facilities and access control systems provide a variety of log records and access tracking capabilities that generate valuable data.  

“Installing an access control system is one of the best ways for a business to improve overall security and reduce the risk of theft,” said Clifton. “By replacing physical keys with electronic key cards or employee specific access codes, companies can not only better manage who has access to different areas within the work environment, but also maintain accurate logs of each accessible area. This can dramatically increase general security and reduce theft or unauthorized access.”

While there are many ways a company can improve overall security, utilizing an access control system is one of the most impactful enhancements available.  

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