St George Eye Doctor Explains CRT Contact Lenses

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( — December 11, 2013) Saint George, UT — 

Focus Eye Center, regarded as the most noteworthy all around eye care center in st george utah has just announced an astonishing technological advancement in the field of optometry. Trevor G. Hammons and Adam Lofgran, both partners in the betterment of Focus Eye Center both agree that the addition of CRT, a cutting edge contact lens system, will change the way they help their customers. Dr. Trevor G. Hammons, head optometrist and a top eye doctor in st george from Focus Eye Center and licensed OD elaborates:

“ CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) is the only proven method for stopping the progression of myopia, and by implementing this groundbreaking technology into the many services we provide at focus eye center we hope to begin easily reversing our customers nearsightedness completely ”

By simply wearing these innovative corrective contact lens at night while you sleep, they completely eliminate the need to wear any form of eyeglasses and contact lens while you are awake during the day. Allowing you to perform daily tasks with ease and perfection without the seemingly unnavoidable encumberance of some form of optical eye correction.

“ We provide a cutting-edge contact lens system,  where you sleep in the contacts at night and it corrects your vision during the day.  Eliminates the need for glasses or contacts while awake. Not only that, but it is the only proven method for stopping the progression of myopia (near-sightedness.)  … They are called CRT lenses and we are licensed to fit them and we are dang good at it .”

– states Trevor G. Hammons

This new CRT service provided by Focus Eye Center has unquestionably increased local popularity, with new and unprecedented reservation numbers. In order to maintain their superb customer service and incredible convenience Focus Eye Center had to implement a new one-hour lab policy. To learn more about the CRT contact lens technology and what it means for the next generation of eye glasses in the southern utah check out this link.

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