San Diego Rug Cleaning Expert Challenges Competing Carpet Cleaners

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In an effort to decrease poor service provided by so-called rug cleaning businesses in the San Diego area, the San Diego Rug Cleaning Pros are creating a unique challenge to competitors to restore the faith in cleaning companies for customers.

Some of the problems which have been occuring are precious rugs losing their luster and color. Colorful rugs which were passed from generations are suddenly worthless due to wrong cleaning procedures. Another example is carpets losing their worth by being scrubbed wrong with inappropriate cleansers. Other difficulties experienced are lack of professionalism by workers. Review websites on the internet are also showing some businesses look more worried about being tipped than fulfilling their client’s needs.

The owners discovered a concerning problem for San Diego home owners and felt compelled to promise them there are rug cleaners they’re able to trust. The owners said, “We keep hearing questions from new customers about guaranteeing their carpets won’t be destroyed. After a lsome digging, we find out that they had disturbing experiences with inexperienced organizations who simply hung out a shingle and went into business.” The owners went on to say, “If someone hangs out a shingle they better take good care of the consumer. So we encourage all customers to request ‘damage and cleaning’ guarantees in advance and make rug cleaners offer these guarantees. If a business is not going to do it, find another that will”. For further info contact the Rug Cleaning San Diego Professionals at 858-215-6977.

San Diego residents are advised to ask upfront for cleanup and damage guarantees before using any rug cleaner company to help eliminate risk to the rug owners and flush out organizations unprepared to clean carpeting and other flooring valuables.



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