Denver Mobile Marketing Specialist Jeff Hopp Publishes “Mobilize Me”

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( — December 18, 2013) DenverColorado — If you own a business, naturally your success is dependent on people walking through your doors or visiting your website to make a purchase or retain your services. The first hurdle for every business has always been getting the word out to prospective customers that you exist- let alone the products or services you may offer. Traditional methods such as newspapers, radio, and television are no longer effective or truly measurable, so what is a business to do? “Go mobile!” says Jeff Hopp, Mobile Marketing Specialist at Mile High Mobile Marketing in Denver Colorado.

Since people have their mobile devices on them at all times, it has become easier than ever for a local business to be located by a prospective customer. “Mobile devices have forever changed how businesses interact with customers. You can find a business, call the business and pay a business all from your smartphone with just a few taps from anywhere,” says Jeff.

Mr. Hopp explains that there are a number of steps and tricks businesses need to be aware of in order to have and maintain an effective online presence. Jeff says “Mobilize Me” was written in response to the questions he fields from local businesses everyday about what they can do immediately to take advantage of the online marketplace.

Through Jeff Hopp‘s new book available on Amazon, a business will have access to his first hand experience and knowledge about local business online marketing techniques. Jeff says, “This book will give you a ton of insight about why mobile marketing is so important and how to get started with some simple steps.”

Mr. Hopp explains that not only does a business need to have a strong online presence, they need to also have a strong mobile presence. “The percentages of people using their phones to access the internet and search for local services in their area is staggering. If you don’t have a website that is mobile friendly or optimized for mobile traffic, to put it simply, you’re losing customers to your competition.”

Hopp says one of the first things a local business can do to leverage the power of mobile marketing is to set up local directories and social networking profiles, updating them with current information and specials. 

Detailed in Hopp’s book are a number of simple steps businesses can take to increase their online visibility. “Mobilize Me” can be purchased on the Amazon website, or through the Kindle App on any mobile device.

Jeff Hopp is also the author of “Dental Marketing 101” and “How to Attract Patients With Google+ Local“, both of which can be found on Amazon. He is based in Denver, Colorado.