Broccoli Recipe Book Launches Collectible Mug

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( — December 14, 2013) Sydney, NSW — Broccoli Recipe Book has officially launched a collectible mug commemorating the website and blog. Available for $35.00 on, the mug features the title of the site and the proclamation “I Love Broccoli” with the ever endearing heart symbol and an image of the vegetable following the words. Visitors can view a detailed image of the mug prior to purchasing it.


The product now has a dedicated Amazon page and visitors can buy it directly, add it to the Wish List, add to their cart, or choose from other buying options. In addition to commemorating the site, the mug provides a usable product that can last the customer for a while. It provides a reminder of the site’s purpose at the same time, so one does not forget its true value.


Broccoli Recipe Book is a blog website featuring pages and pages of recipes and descriptions. Visitors can scroll through the pages, search the site, or choose from the months of archives. Recipes include dishes for broccoli marinara, pasta, rice casseroles, soup, salads, and much more. Broccoli is among the healthiest of foods to eat and now there’s a resource to find great ideas to incorporate it into meals.


Owning merchandise such as a mug helps to make the site and its intention a part of one’s life. The mug is stylish while being useful. Drink coffee, tea, or other beverages to keep warm and healthy. Customers can also save the mug as a collector’s item and to be reminded of the Broccoli Recipe Book.


The collectible mug is now available on for $35.00 by going to


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Broccoli Recipe Book is a website and blog dedicated to providing unique recipes anyone can follow to cook healthy meals. The searchable blog also features archives and a list of recent posts, which are updated regularly. There are also dozens of pages of recipes to choose from. See for more.


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