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( — December 14, 2013) La Habra, California — Cabinet Magic offers a variety of services to replace or reface kitchen cabinets in Orange County.  However, many homeowners think that replacing or even refinishing their kitchen cabinets in San Diego will be too expensive.  Therefore, they avoid replacing or restoring their kitchen cabinets in Culver City and continue to live with old, dingy or even broken cabinetry that devalues the entire home.
Similarly, customers often think that replacing their countertops in Orange County may be too expensive, especially during tough economic times.  Many people will continue to live with substandard countertops in San Diego, never realizing that old countertops not only look bad but can actually be hazardous to the health, harboring millions of bacteria in cracked, damaged surfaces.

Cabinet Magic, Inc., provides quality residential remodeling and cabinetry services at reasonable prices.  In fact, Cabinet Magic’s prices are so reasonable that they are willing to make a bet with customers:  invite Cabinet Magic in for a free in-home estimate for repairing or replacing existing cabinets and countertops, and be prepared to be shocked at how reasonable the price is for their services.


First, an experienced staff member will visit the home and make an estimate to replace or repair the cabinets.  This estimate will be clear and easy for homeowners to understand, with no hidden fees or costs.  Next, the skilled craft person at the factor will custom-fit and create the cabinets from “A” grade woods and 3/4-inch thick materials.  Utilizing state-of-the-art computer technology, the professionals will design the cabinets and cut them to precision.  In fact, customers can even review the computer images before the cabinets are created to ensure satisfaction with the finished product.


Finally, the cabinets are made and installed by highly-trained staff who understand how to handle and protect customer investments.  Convenient financing is available, making cabinet installs and replacements affordable for everyone.  


With convenient in-home estimates, every southern California homeowner can quickly learn how cost-effective it can be to replace or repair existing cabinets and countertops.


About Cabinet Magic:  More than 10,000 satisfied customers have used Cabinet Magic since 1989.  This company provides quality, professional installation of all types of cabinet and countertop materials and can also reface existing cabinetry, update hardware and perform all the tasks necessary to transform kitchens into places of beauty and function.


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