California Real Estate Licenses Increase For First Time Since 2007

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( — December 15, 2013) Temecula, California — For the first time since 2007, there was a monthly increase in the number of Real Estate Licenses. “The Market is turning around, and more people are seeing opportunity and jumping on it” said Nick Dexter, Branch Production Manager of W.J. Bradley Temecula Home Loan Center.


The number of licensed agents peaked in 2007, shortly before the 2008 collapse and was reduced by as much as 32.4 percent in the years since. With few opportunities in the market, many brokers were forced to pack it in and new potential agents were reluctant to pursue it as a career. Since August, there have been indications that this trend may be reversed as the California housing market has been showing marked improvement. This first monthly increase in new licenses may indicate that the bottom has been reached in new licenses, which has been decreasing by an average of 1.1 percent per month since its peak.    


Nick Dexter is not surprised by this development. “These were some dismal years we lived through, with low liquidity and negative equity, but with improved inventory and favorable interest rates, many brokers who dropped out of the market during the tough times want back in.” Although the California housing market has shown volatility recently, recording as much as 20 percent swings in average housing prices, this is normal for a dynamic market and presents opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.


“This is a great time to be in the real estate business.” Dexter says, “There are many opportunities to get outstanding deals on new homes and development is starting on several local projects that are going to increase the value of existing properties. A lot of people are looking back to real estate in California as a place to invest once again, and now is the time to get in the market.”


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Written by: Rob Armijo