The Rise of Flipping Houses in Houston

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( — December 15, 2013) Houston, TX —  The market for flipping houses is heating up again. Denise McAdams of Commercial and Residential Real Estate Global and an Investor at EZ House Deals believes that house flipping is on the rise in Houston’s suburban areas. She also states that even though there has been a drop in the foreclosure market she is starting to see an increase in older homes falling into the real estate category for flipping which makes these houses excellent candidates for making money.


Denise says that there is more money available from the “Hard money lenders” as the big investors are experiencing growth in the economy.  With Houston’s job growth to be one of the best in the nation there is a ready supply of buyers who are looking for the opportunity to buy so investors can turn more houses fast and realize greater profits. This is good news for those flipping houses as profits from these types of transactions are very good. 


The demand for older houses that have been rehabbed usually fall into the lower end of the housing market where the potential for turning more houses increases substantially.  This has always been the most lucrative areas for the real estate investor to be in and with the current economic situation is ripe for flipping houses.


Looking at the stock market and its effect on filling the pockets of the big money guys they now want to take those profits and put them in a more secure place, housing is the perfect shelter.  Investing in real estate has made more millionaires than any other single investment vehicle.  With the new highs of the stock market, which some analyst believe cannot be sustained at the current levels, finding other strategies to invest their profits in is wise and what better source than real estate that is on the rise again.  


Some analyst believe, with the future rise in real estate prices they will be providing a secure shelter to protect investment from the potential of a stock market adjustment that could cause losses on Wall Street.  This is the time one should diversify their portfolio and take advantage of the people who flip houses this can make a perfect marriage. These houses are as good as gold maybe better. 


Denise sees the housing in good neighborhoods are reaching the age and condition that brings great opportunities to fulfill these investment demands.  Houses that are 10, 15 and more years old are a prime target for flipping.


Add this to the new home sales that have increased 13% this year from last year and you have a housing situation opening up for the perfect flipping storm.  When the current home owners want to upgrade to a new home they are ready to get rid of their current house that is in need of repair and will sell at a good price. They have a well-seasoned mortgage and the need for repairs opens a great opportunity.


Denise suggest that if you are looking to invest in houses to scout out the neighborhoods in the surrounding neighborhoods of Houston.  Look for properties that fall in the age range greater than 10 years to get the best deals for flipping houses.  Do your marketing and start making money.


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