Dubai Requiring Visitors Have International Travel Health Insurance

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( — December 15, 2013) Chicago, Illinois  — In early December, 2013 the Dubai Health Authority announced the Health Insurance Law for Dubai. The new law requires residents and visitors have health insurance. Though enforcement was to begin in 2014 there is talk that enforcement already began with the announcement. Visitors to Dubai will not be issued visas without proof of qualifying international travel health insurance.


Dubai will have a minimal plan for those not having insurance.


Visitors will find that having their own plan will provide them with a much more comprehensive insurance plan. The Dubai plan is for DH150,000 maximum which is approximately $40,000. Healthcare costs in Dubai have been rising as in other countries.


Dubai has a public and private healthcare system.


The public system has been available to visitors as well as residents. There has been a practice of having visitors with health insurance use the private healthcare system. With the requirement for visitors to have health insurance it is unknown how that would affect which system a visitor can use.


Emergency healthcare services have been available for visitors.


Emergency medical care has been available through the public healthcare system. Visitors have noted that though emergency care was not an issue regular appointments could be more of an issue. Private consultations can be $50 to $100. 


As in most countries a private pay patient has more control.


The patient has choice and control over time, facility and medical provider when using the private healthcare system. Dubai is known to have excellent public and private healthcare. Dubai Healthcare City is growing to be one of the premiere healthcare systems in the world. Having the best international health insurance can make the best system available.


Specialty care is often what is needed in the most critical of situations. 


Specialty care is also the most expensive. Excellent travel health insurance is not expensive and can cover


   –  Maximums to $1,000,000 USD

   –  $0 deductibles

   –  Locally contracted medical providers that accept the insurance

   –  Emergency medical evacuation coverage

   –  Pre-existing condition coverage

   –  AD&D Coverage 

   –  Sports insurance including extreme sports and hazardous activities coverage

   –  Return of minor children

   –  24/7 customer service

   –  Consulate Letter


If you are traveling to Dubai or anywhere outside your home country.


You need to be sure you have the best insurance you can get. Healthcare can be difficult enough in a person’s home country but being in another country brings up problems all their own. Good insurance is there for you not only to insure you but to help with situation.


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