Kiran Udeshi Advocates Thrilling Sports for Challenge

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( — December 16, 2013) Huntington Beach, California — Kiran Udeshi sits behind a desk by day, but on the weekends he morphs into something slightly different:  a thrill seeker who uses the adrenaline rush of sports to motivate himself to work harder at his life goals.

“I believe that challenging yourself is the first step in successful motivation,” says Udeshi, “and one way I continue to challenge myself is through the physical and mental battles inherent in extreme sports.”


While Kiran Udeshi advocates safety for anyone trying these sports, he admits that the rush he gets from certain activities is difficult to find in more moderate sporting ventures.  “It is hard to match the thrill of four-wheeling in the desert with golf at Palm Springs,” Udeshi says, laughing.


Kiran Udeshi will ride almost anything with wheels, as long as it goes up hills in varied terrain.  He motorbikes in the snow, four-wheels in the desert and drives his restored 1966 Chevelle around town.  To Udeshi, these events are part of a normal life, but he also realizes that they represent something more to him than just having fun.


“When people, especially young people, see a challenge, they are often intimidated,” Udeshi says.  “In my opinion, we need to face our fears in order to overcome them, and one way to do that is to engage in sports and activities that take us outside of our comfort zone.  This is the only way we can grow and empower ourselves with the knowledge that we can do more than we believe we can.”


In order to prove this to himself, Udeshi has always engaged in sports that are a little bit outside of his own comfort zone.  According to Udeshi, extreme sports such as desert four-wheeling and motorcycle riding are not just ways to relax and relieve the day to day stress; they also help him renew himself internally and may even contribute to his success at work.


With his wife Arlene, Kiran Udeshi engages in extreme sports to build his character.  He also builds character by giving back to the community through charitable donations and by working with large rescue dogs.  He and his wife give generously each year to their favorite organizations and have adopted four rescue dogs to date.

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