Travelauto Reviews and Books Cheap Rental Car Deals and Hires in Dubai

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( — December 16, 2013)  — Travelauto provides price comparisons and reviews of car rental, car hires, limousines and budget car hire in Dubai. Travelauto providers include 


1)      Budget

2)      National Car Rentals

3)      Europcar

4)      Superprice (Local Company)

5)      Belhasa Car Rentals (Local Company)

6)      Sixt


Travelauto customers see instant online hot deals. 


There are daily specials on auto rentals in Dubai and other promotions that save you, the  customer, money. The company makes shopping for car rental or hire simple and easy. Not only do customers find great deals but also see reviews and comparisons from other Travelauto customers. 


The company is an online rental car portal.


Portals are an easy, convenient way to make price comparisons and some provide reviews. Unlike an agency where the agency is paid per rental a company partner pays a fee to participate. The company’s deals are immediately online so you can find the best deal at anytime. There is no need to be bouncing around between various websites for various companies to shop as the website portal has everything conveniently organized in one place. 


The customer benefits by getting cheap car rentals directly from the auto rental company.


They also have the backup and support of Travelauto customer service. Not using Travelauto does not save you money. It only takes away a level of customer support. Here if there is a problem then the customer can resolve it directly with the auto rental company and/or with the help a Travelauto customer service. Customers get the best as they are direct and also have additional customer service and suuport.


Many agencies and services separate the customer from the rental car company.


What that means is if you have a problem the response that you get is that you have to call whoever you booked the car through. This means you are picking up your car locally but in a problem may have to call back to the US or where the agency is that booked the car. The best way is being able to contact who can help you the most in the situation. If that is the booking agency then fine. If that is the car rental company than that is fine. You need to be able to get things resolved in the best way for you. 


They have major international auto rental and local auto rental companies.


Travelauto is growing, adding more companies, cities and countries. Try it out. You have nothing to lose and much to save. Ask about the Hot Deals and ways they can help you.





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