Android Apps Now Usable on PC With Emulators

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( — December 16, 2013)  — San Diego, CA

The incredible success of smartphones has made developing applications for portable technologies a lucrative business for every aspect of the application design process. However, as a number of great programmers and application designers have been pulled away from their normal gigs in PC and Mac app development to work for and start their own phone-centered projects. This has meant that numerous incredible applications have and will only be released on smartphone platforms, giving those without smartphones no opportunity to use or play some of the most popular programs of all time.


Much to the delight of those who never previously had a chance to own a smartphone and use the devices’ apps, Android emulation for PC has been virtually perfected, giving anyone with access to a computer an opportunity to see what all the fuss about smartphone apps is all about.

Nevertheless, people who already own an Android phone are finding a lot of usability with emulation programs like Bluestacks. As these Android emulators for PCs connect online, they can also sync the data and contacts between ones phone and PC quite easily, allowing peak efficiency between productivity apps and those looking to add the functionality of using a large screen and mouse.


Interestingly, a new community has been growing due to more people making their way to using smartphone apps on PCs. Websites like are now even going so far as to write articles like “5 Tips to Score Highly in Fruit Ninja for PC” and “How to Download and Operate WeChat for PC”. By developing these tips and guides for apps that traditionally use touchscreen to operate, sites and communities like these help ease the transition from smartphones to mouse or touchpad driven computers.


With millions of apps already available and numerous more being released daily, it is understandable why some people did not want to wait for brilliant developers to come out with PC versions. And, since Google made their smartphone operating system open source, there are no legal issues at hand for those who are taking their first steps into the emulation community, which has often been problematic for emulators.


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