Plantar Fasciitis Relief for Serious Athletes

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( — December 16, 2013) Darien, CT — You may never heard of Plantar Fasciitis before but ask any serious runner and they will clue you in on this painful condition. The pain begins as a slight discomfort and starts to get worse as activities continue. It can actually prevent you from running as it progressively gets worse.

 Quite often cortisone shots are used to stop the inflamation. These shots can fail leaving the serious athlete frustrated and in pain. Sometimes plantar fasciitis stretches are prescribed to help the pain. The problem is not always solved with these front line treatments. In pain without a solution patients are forced to look elsewhere for answers.

 Imagine their surprise when they find a chiropractor really helping with a special brand of plantar fasciitis treatment called the Graston Technique. This plantar fasciitis treatment uses stainless steel tools to remove adhesions that form in the fascia causing pain through increased soft tissue friction. Once the adhesions are addressed then ClassIV Cold Laser therapyy is applied to stimulate cellular re-growth. Stretches and exercises are prescribed to finalize the healing process.

 This transformation takes place over several visits to Dr.McKay, a Darien Chiropractor with 23 years of experience. Acording to McKay, he is surprised at the results. He believes the success comes in locating the adhesions in other muscle groups that would are overlooked in traditional medical exams for Plantar Fasciitis. The lower leg extensor groups as well as the gastrocenmius and soleus muscles all seem to contibute to the pain of fascitis.

  If you have Plantar Fasciitis and would like more information Dr.McKay can be contacted with the information listed below.



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