Warrenton Real Estate Office Embraces Technology

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(Newswire.net — December 19, 2013) Warrenton, VA — RE/MAX Regency, a Warrenton real estate Company, lives in the future by embracing technology and spearheading the way forward. Utilizing the technology of Google Hangouts, they are able to market their business services to a large online audience as well as promote internal agent collaboration.


“The age of the Jetsons is here,” exclaims Chuck Cornwell, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Regency. “I share with my agents all the time. I undergo more training and research more technology today than I ever have in the 30+ years I’ve been in real estate. Technology is crucial and key for today’s market. Why? Because it’s crucial and key to my clients. My clients don’t want to meet for coffee or talk on the phone. They’re busy. Their primary means of communication is via text and video. I want to be relevant! So I text and I make videos.” 


Google Hangouts allow RE/MAX Regency to instantaneously and inexpensively reach a large audience through video. “We use the interview process to communicate and market our services,” shares Chuck. “Just the other day, I interviewed my property manager in a Hangout. She was in her office with her laptop and webcam. I was in mine. We easily recorded an interview to promote our property management division and then launched it through our growing social media presence. Easy – message delivered in a format that folks want. It’s real and down to earth.”


Chuck also uses Google Hangouts to create and record virtual training. “My agents love virtual space. Their schedules are demanding and they can’t always make it to the office for training. Plus, I have agents all over northern and central Virginia. Why travel when you can participate online? Each week, we incorporate a hangout in our office meetings. Agents join in—sometimes while driving—and participate like they’re in the classroom. Not only is it recorded and available for any agent who missed it, we’re building an archive of training sessions for new agents.”


RE/MAX Regency is a full service real estate brokerage headquartered in Warrenton, VA with a network of agents that operate in nearly 100 countries around the world.  RE/MAX Regency is the home of the Best Tooled, Best Trained agents in the local market. For more information, contact Chuck Cornwell, Broker/Owner:


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