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( — December 17, 2013) San Juan Capistrano, California — Multi-channel marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand business in the automotive industry.  Advanced Integrated Marketing, a leader in direct mail services, is now able to offer multi-channel marketing options for most verticals, including contractors.  With the addition of multi-channel marketing, AIM becomes one of the most flexible and diverse direct mail companies in existence and is able to give clients the very best service and return on investment possible.

The automotive direct mail company has been a leader in advertising for all types of automotive dealerships for some time, but expanding into multi-channel marketing means that AIM will be able to provide not only automotive direct mail marketing for dealerships but other marketing options.  These services will be launched through the company’s newly-refreshed website,, as well as the new site,  Clients will be routed to each website depending on their individual direct mailing needs.


As one of the best direct mail companies in existence, AIM offers a full range of products designed to give direct mail marketing for auto dealerships the most complete spectrum of direct mail marketing services available.  With the expansion into multi-channel marketing, AIM will become a direct mail company that can meet any and all needs of automotive dealers, contractors and others associated with the automotive business.  By investing with AIM’s products, automotive dealerships can be assured that they will have a high return on investment with AIM’s Guaranteed ROI Program, as well as the most versatile marketing strategies available in the direct mail auto industry.

About Advanced Integrated Marketing:  The direct mail service offers by AIM is unparalleled in the industry.  While other direct mail marketing companies make no effort to guarantee results, AIM offers written assurance of ROI, making this one of the safest advertising investments available.  If auto dealers do not see a return on investment of at least seven times the marketing budget they invest with Advanced Integrated Marketing, the direct mail company will refund the difference in ROI and budget.  No other marketing group offers this assurance.

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