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( — November 17, 2013) EDMOND, OKLAHOMA — 

Dustin Yoe President of TransMedia Powerhouse recently attended #MegaPartnering 8 in Orlando, FL at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes Resort.  On the pre event day there were 11 speakers that spoke on various topics such as how to legally structure a business, franchising businesses, multi family real estate, and leadership.  Chuck Bretz gave a great talk on how to structure business based on what the business does.  Andrew Smith from South Africa gave an awesome talk on how he developed a water company franchise called Eish2O, an alternative energy company called gener8, and a business teaching school for anyone from age 13-60+ using his expertise in building a business.   Hilda Lunderstedt talked about how she became successful by selling a pharmaceutical company and wanted to continue to work and started a beauty franchise in South Africa afterwards because she wanted to stay busy. 


Mega Partnering is all about growth this year, and how to grow your business by 50% in the next year.  JT Foxx started out the opening of Mega Partnering 8 with an amazing video then with the traditional bagpipes instrument walking around the auditorium with all of the the mega partnering founders to the stage and then honored all the veterans by asking them walk up in front of the stage. 


After that JT Foxx immediately began the conference with content on how to grow your business by 50% in the next 12 months starting out with an exercise for the crowd to complete that gives them a 12 month business plan to have a check list of what needs to be done in order to accomplish that growth.


The room had over 800 attendees from over 34 countries with half of the crowd not from the US.  One of the more amazing things is that people came from Amsterdam while only learning of the event 10 days prior to the start of Mega Partnering. That speaks volume of how amazing the event is that people will fly halfway across the world just to meet other successful A+ businessmen and women. From real estate to franchisors to marketers to billionaires in the crowd learning what they need to do to grow their business.


The lineup of speakers was top notch.  The first day the speakers were Dr. George Valdez who told his story of how he was part of the biggest drug cartel with Pablo Escobar and how he went from amassing a crazy amount of wealth and power and how he left the cartel survived and created a legitimate business and went to jail and has used that experience to help people now as a minister in the church.  Michael Drew a New York Times Bestseller talked about marketing and the two forty year cycles and how they affect marketing messages and how to recognize those changes and stay effective in marketing strategies.  Michael Eilersten from South Africa was a phenomenal speaker and entrepreneur with a very unique and lucrative business model who owns the magazine in Africa called “LiveOutLoud”.  Faustina Guzman who also spoke at Mega Partnering 7 with her partner Steve O’Neil spoke once again with an amazing update on their real estate investment in Daytona Beach, FL and invited others to join them with partner opportunities.  In Mega Partnering 7 they spoke about how they were investing in hospitality real estate hotels and many people did not believe it would work but the numbers they showed proved that what they were doing was working and even more impressive was that they brought Suzanne Ramsey from the Daytona Beach government which validated the impressive numbers and even showed how other A+ players such as the Hard Rock Hotel was investing $100 million in a new hotel and the Protogroup was investing in a twin hotel as well and that over $400 million was being invested to rehabilitate the Nascar speedway.    The last speaker was a psychologist from South Africa who has been highly successful working with CEOs of companies that make 1million Rand or roughly $100 million dollars. He also flies to work everyday in a helicopter and returns piloting it himself.  His talk was about how to apply certain psychological ways to improve communication and improve strategies to help grow the company.


The night ended with an awards banquets. The awards given were the deal maker award, connector award, loyalty award, entrepreneur award, Foxx-Quebien award, Foxx-Ross, JT Foxx award, woman of the year, lifetime achievement award, the tycoon award handed down from the previous tycoon award winner, and the employee of the year award.


President of TransMedia Powerhouse had this to say when asked about the event.  “I love the Mega Partnering event because of the multiple opportunities to partner with other successful business owners. This time was no different, when I talked to people about our new TransMedia Hotspot technology we are deploying everyone wanted to know more about this creative new customer capture capability.  Everyone who I talked to about this technology is very interested and many have expressed an interest in becoming partners. This new marketing technology provides awesome benefits that are very powerful, I have called this technology “marketing through osmosis.”

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