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( — December 18, 2013) Seattle, WA

Data Recovery Companies is celebrating 10 years of helping computer users find out how to repair and recover data from damaged or non-functioning computers.


For the past 10 years, has been providing lists of professional computer data recovery services around North America.


The website’s manager Michael Swanson stated that the site does not provide any do-it-yourself tips for computer users, but instead provides information about qualified repair and recovery services.


“We recommend that individuals who are having problems with their hard drives or their computer contact a specialist rather than attempting to fix the problem themselves,” said Swanson. “It’s our opinion that data recovery is a tricky operation and one that usually requires a certain amount of specialty equipment that the average person doesn’t have. Plus, if a person doesn’t know what they are doing, they can actually hurt their chances of ever being able to get back the files on their computer.”


The site doesn’t require any fee to use the site. It is a free resource for anyone who is interested in finding a data recovery service in their city or state. The site offers lists of services based upon the state they are located in as well as a brief description of their services.


Swanson said that most recovery services operate on the model that if they don’t recover any data, they don’t charge any fee.


“Most companies will charge a fee that is based somewhat on how much data they can recover,” Swanson continued, “And if they can’t recover anything, they will typically not charge the customer. Most companies charge a pretty good fee for their services, but most customers are very eager to get these files back. We always recommended that computer users backup every file they think is important to them, so that they can reduce their exposure to losing any important file.”



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