Scott Tucker Starts Kickstarter For Cat Toys

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( — December 19, 2013) Dallas, Texas — 


The upcoming Kickstarter by Scott Tucker will raise funds to manufacture components for kitty castles that pet owners can construct themselves at home. According to Tucker, the plans for the components have already been completed and prototype components are currently being tested. The components fit together to allow pet owners to create structures in which their cats can climb, scratch, and hide. The component design allows for multiple variations to be created from the same parts, so when cats get bored of one design, owners can take the components apart and create a new structure without spending any money. The kitty castles can be built with as few as four of Tucker’s components, but ambitious pet owners can create large structures using as many parts as they like.


“I came up with this design to meet my own needs,” said Scott Tucker, “After working on a few variations for my own pets, I realized that many other people could benefit from my work and I got started on a more professional design.”


Tucker states that the Kickstarter campaign will be launched as soon as the final stages of prototype testing is complete.


“All of the designs are complete on paper and we’re making the final tweaks with the physical prototypes,” Tucker reported. “It looks like we’ll be making some last minute adjustments to the material choice before we’re completely ready to launch the fundraising campaign.”


The fundraising goal for the Kickstarter campaign is currently estimated around the $10,000 dollar range, depending on final calculations and manufacturing decisions which will be made after fully testing the prototypes.