HDX Mix Makes Perfect Gift for the Holidays

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(Newswire.net — December 19, 2013) Huntington Beach, California — The holidays may not seem to revolve around sports drinks, but HDX Mix can be one of the best gifts anyone can give a loved one.  HDX Mix combines three important factors that make it the perfect holiday gift:  it is the healthiest of sport drinks; it is an important part of healthy hydration during exercise; and it utilizes environmentally-conscious packaging.

Of all the sports drinks on the market today, HDX Mix is one of the few that truly earns the title of “healthiest sports drink.”  Unlike sugar-loaded and caffeine-laden options that are usually marketed as “sports drinks,” HDX Mix uses a balanced blend of natural ingredients that include minerals and nutrients to provide optimum hydration.  


HDX Mix is a hydration drink mix that not only provides optimum hydration but also has a minimum impact on the environment.  Plastic bottles and aluminum cans end up in landfills or our oceans, but HDX Mix can easily be mixed in reusable bottles, significantly reducing the amount of waste produced.  This attention to the health of the person as well as the health of the environment symbolizes the importance of the values of HDX Mix and our team of advocates.  


“It is important to us at HDX Mix to produce a quality product that people are proud to give as gifts,” says founder Vipe Desai.  “HDX Mix is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who needs healthy hydration and wants a drink mix that not only provides the right blend of minerals, electrolytes and vitamins but also helps the user reduce his or her carbon footprint.”
HDX Mix offers users the best way to hydrate without artificial additives.  For athletes or anyone else, HDX Mix makes a wonderful holiday present.


About HDX Hydration Mix:  HDX Hydration Mix is a powdered sports drink mix made with natural ingredients and a balanced blend of key electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals for the modern athlete. When combined with water, HDX Hydration Mix provides multiple benefits for maximum hydration, making it a true sports performance product for the modern athlete. Each HDX “stick” contains just 25 calories, has no caffeine, and can be easily mixed into any reusable water bottle, making it the perfect eco-friendly hydration solution.
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