New Nursing Career Reference for Alabama Unveiled

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( — December 20, 2013) Montgomery, AL

A brand new website that is expected to help prospective nursing students learn more about healthcare occupations has opened up its website in Alabama.


The Alabama Nursing School site is built to assist visitors find details about employment opportunities and higher education options within the health care field around the state of Alabama.


The site’s principal editor, Teri Anderson, claims readers to might find the perfect college or other school providing career classes or degrees in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile or other city in the state.


“This new website is meant to be an easy way for anyone who has an interest in a healthcare or medical field get a good idea about some of the classes and degree options they have here in the state,” noted Anderson, “And one of the features that students like about the healthcare field are all of the different types of jobs — some of which require a four-year degree and many that only require one or two years of study.”


Anderson pointed out that her site is completely free to work with. There are no fees required in order to use it.


“The job outlook for employees in the healthcare field looks strong for next ten years according to all the data we look at,” continued Anderson, “Nurses and other medical workers fill a very essential role in our society. And with the growth of the older segment of our population, so grows the need for workers in the healthcare area.”


“I think that a medical-related job can be terrific for some people, but certainly not for everyone,” concluded Anderson, “But there are so many different types of jobs, from nurses to medical equipment operators, that I think that many people may find a job well-suited to their own personality strengths and interests.”



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