Mary Morrissey Offers Advice on Having a Stress-Free Holiday

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( — December 21, 2013) Simi Valley, California — Mary Morrissey, motivational speaker, has always given great advice on how to remove stress and anxiety from life through making good choices.  Now, Mary Morrissey‘s latest video, “How To Make This Holiday Season the Best Ever,” is available free of charge.  In it, she discusses how to reduce stress and make the holidays joyful once again by taking charge of controllable events and letting go of uncontrollable factors.

Based on her article “How to Get Through the Holidays,” Mary Morrissey offers five simple steps for making this holiday season the best ever.  By following these simple steps, Mary Morrissey says that holidays can become joyful once again and participants can relieve the stress of doing too much and becoming exhausted by the time the festivities commence.


1)     Make a list of all the things usually done during this season.  Put everything on the list.  This exercise has the benefit of helping isolate what is really necessary and what is frivolous.

2)    Circle the items that are enjoyable or that are non-negotiable.  These are the things that will be done during the holiday season.


3)    Cross out all the things that can be avoided, even if only for this year.


4)    Notify friends and relatives of things that will not be accomplished, stating that this is part of a new way of enjoying the holidays.  Invite friends and relatives to join in the “revolution” of jettisoning too much holiday activity.


5)    For the rest of the holiday season, do only the things that are truly enjoyable.


By observing these simple tips, Mary Morrisey believes that people will have a much more enjoyable holiday and reduce stress and anxiety to a great degree.  


About Mary Morrissey:  Mary Morrissey is a motivational speaker who works with individuals to help them realize their full potential through the use of uplifting speech and empowerment.  Mary Morrissey is recognized as an expert in the field of motivation and has helped thousands of people succeed in their daily lives, jobs and relationships.

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