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( — December 22, 2013) Tampa, Florida


People have become much more savvy when it comes to their wallets nowadays since the economic bubble has burst with no imminent end in sight.  Actually with the slight rebound that has taken about five years to pop out its head, and plantation shutters and custom window treatments readily available, there are ample choices to select from that can make that difference in your home.  DBS Tampa services the Tampa Bay area with custom window treatments where home owners have reached out to explore new and improved methods of dressing up their homes. 

The functionality of shades, blinds, and shutters, provides light and airflow however these items have also become a wall fixture that serves as dressing for an inviting environment.  Different materials also can now change the feel and texture of the window treatment itself.  Synthetic materials such as laminate and plastic derivatives can be equally as appealing as wooden blinds and shutters and offer other features that are easy to clean and lighter in weight.  Perception is greater than reality where the look can be what the material is all about. 

Sun City, The Villages, and Tampa are areas that have abundant sunlight and humidity and require a different approach to window treatment selections with regards to materials.  These communities also have a large number of retirees that have settled in the Tampa Bay area with nice nest eggs to live out their senior lives.  These people are still on fixed incomes and are mindful of their household expenditures.  Wholesale renovations might not be the home improvement vehicle of choice but rather a few plantation shutter and window treatment changes here and there could make that difference in feel and look for an entire home. 

Cleaning and maintenance is also the major consideration with the materials and type of window treatment that is used.  Dust, pollen, and odors can contribute to that quality of life selection that the proper window treatment selection can affect.   

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