Young People Plagued with More Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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( — December 23, 2013) Boise, Idaho — Fibromyalgia can be the worst nightmare of the physically active. This is because fibromyalgia very subtly affects the muscles, tendons, and joints, while leaving the patient feeling more or less disabled. Since there is no physical mark of the disorder, the pain can even occur at any time and without any prior warning. Moreover, a recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic showed that, opposed to common belief, young people suffering from fibromyalgia experience worse symptoms than the older population affected by the disorder. The study, published on, was conducted on a total of 978 patients who were then divided into three different age groups. It was also found that the physical health definitely suffers more than mental health from the disorder. Thus, Fibromyalgia Secrets actively uploads articles on its portal and helps in whatever way it can to update patients about Fibromyalgia and how to deal with the menace in a better manner.

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The website, Fibromyalgia Secrets, has been working with a team of experts to uncover all that there can be known about the disorder. Different studies and researches are combined to make up articles that advise patients on what to do and what not to do in order to lead healthier lives. All articles are also checked by professionals so no room for errors remains. Suggestions on drugs and treatments are also available by the team working behind Fibromyalgia Secrets.

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