Secrets and Tips to Auto Body Repair Savings

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( — December 24, 2013) Mt Pleasant , SC — Every morning as you leave for work, you see them and shake your head. Those nasty parking lot dings on your car door. They’ve been there for a few months and they seem to be multiplying right before your very eyes. You think about them all the way to work, along with the scratches on the rear bumper. Yes, you’ve become one of ‘those’ people driving around in a damaged vehicle.


Regardless of what the late night infomercials say, you know you can’t fix them by yourself. Well, not to worry. Here are some tips in getting these repairs done quickly and efficiently. That means repaired on time while saving money.


The first thing to do is to make sure you’re happy about where your deductible is set for collisions on your auto insurance policy. It’s often set at $500, but at some point you may have bumped it up to $1,000 to save a little on your insurance rates. Check on this and considering the high cost of some auto body repairs, you’ll need to be prepared to pay the full deductible amount out of pocket if the accident is your fault. Make sure you understand the system. Your insurer may direct you to its list of approved repair shops, which might be just fine. However, be aware that some shops might be tempted to take shortcuts with your vehicle in order to save money. Your best bet is to ask for recommendations from family and friends. A positive experience from someone you know and trust goes a long way.


Evaluate auto repair labor rates. Most auto body shops have a lower labor rate for body shop repairs than for mechanical repairs, so be sure to check labor rates ahead of time and evaluate your bill after the work is done to ensure you’re being charged the appropriate rate for the job. Many shops post their rates online. To find the posted rates of a body shop near you, try AutoMD’s Shop Finder. Shops that do both mechanical and body repairs usually have two rates, so call and ask before you decide where to go.


Once you know some reputable shops, get more than one estimate. After the first estimate, you’ll know what to ask and look for in getting a second opinon. Doing this extra step can potentially save you a lot of money!


If the damage is minimal door dings or dents, consider paintless dent repair. PDR is an alternative to more expensive repairs. Skilled technicians can often repair dents without sanding, body filler or painting required. And, your insurance company might offer a discount or waive your deductible if you opt for this kind of repair. Just make sure your body shop of choice has experience with this type of repair.


You need to be aware of what to expect when it comes to replacement parts. Most insurance companies request the use of original equipment salvaged parts. If these can be found, you will easily save 50% over buying brand new OEM parts. These parts are undamaged manufacturer parts that have been taken off vehicles that are no longer drivable. Marathon Recycled Auto Parts is a leader in the southeast for providing these parts.


Doing everything you can to prevent auto damage before it occurs will surely save you money in the end. There are a variety of products on the market today to help prevent damage to your vehicle, such as bumper protectors and magnetic door protectors made from energy-absorbing foam. These help in preventing dents and dings. Rear back-up cameras are designed to help you avoid colliding with objects behind you. And of course, preventative driving and parking, such as avoiding potholes on the roadway or narrow spaces and cart returns in a parking lot, will go a long way in helping you avoid auto body damage.


Another thing to consider is rental car expense. Know what you get with your auto policy, i.e., reimbursement, size of vehicle, length of rental, etc. Many times repairs take longer than expected and that could mean rental expenses that rack up. Look for a company that has a rental car company on.


Finally, make sure your auto body repair shop gives a written warranty on parts and service. If not, and the repair fails, you could be in for additional costs for further repair.

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