Just Another Pizza Guy at Gianni’s? Not So Fast

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Johnny, of Gianni’s NY Pizza talks about what makes the difference between good pizza and great pizza. Although the ingredients may appear to be standard and accessible to all pizza places, most places do not seek the best.  Gianni’s for example ages their dough over a 2-3 day period of time that enables it to rise at a controlled and flavorful way.  Other pizzerias would not have the patience nor the inclination to take that kind of time to age their dough?  Why? Well most do not believe that their clientele actually would know the difference. 


An interesting experiment was done recently as explained by Johnny where he slightly changed the cheese composition by adding a certain amount of provolone cheese to accompany the mozzarella.  His customers called him and asked what changes to the ingredients had taken place, complimenting the new flavor.  The moral of the story is that the customers do actually pay attention to the nuances of the flavor of something that seems so standard like pizza.  Although short cuts can and most often are taken by pizzerias that focus on volume and time, those that separate themselves with quality and the extra yard, will come to realize that it is worth the effort.   Johnny describes that while he knows the difference and that he can offer a better product is enough for him to do so.  “Buy the best cheese that you can find or find another place that can sell it to you, and buy and use it.”     


Pride is the main ingredient behind Gianni’s secret to success, but Johnny sees a lot more than just the highest quality of pizza and Italian food that he serves.  He also sees his role as a leader and mentor in running a successful business.  Setting the example of passion for his search for quality exemplifies Johnny’s commitment to success.  As an avid reader, he is constantly seeking self improvement as a business owner and community leader.  Running two pizza places is only a fraction of his story to where he is heading as an entrepreneur.  Stay tuned and visit Gianni’s NY Pizza for a slice of his passion and where he is going.

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