Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

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( — December 25, 2013) Tampa, FL


With property values moving up and rents following suit, building managers looking for long term leases need to project that “spic and span” clean feel and look at all times.  Long term lease commitments are expensive and tenants that make them, need assurances that such an office environment will be worth every penny.  The first impression begins with a dust free office and sanitized restrooms which are immediately encountered with guests of new premises. 

Cleaning products that are employed also play a unique role depending upon what country may be involved.  Our global economy has made travel and worldwide interface much more frequent.  There are distinct differences however in the types and quality of products used particularly amongst developing and less developing countries.  Factors such as performance, cost, ease of use, environmental awareness, and aesthetics in packaging and fragrance are categories and differentiators. 

Less developed countries tend to focus more on cost versus brand or quality for economic reasons.  Environmental factors with more developed countries seem to be more important as the general population is of higher income, higher education, and higher cognitive level of reasons for environmental awareness and adherence. 

The lines of differences in the cross border commercial cleaning industries changes also with the cleaning products based on allergies and skin sensitivities to different climates that might grow bacteria or germs.  Humidity and temperature can harbor the growth of such germs in certain areas of the world and affect their ability to thrive or die. 

Pre applied antiseptic wipes have become popular in accessibility for office buildings where people can wipe their hands after restroom use or just general office access where keyboards and computer equipment may be touched by many hands.  These wipes can also be used for general cleaning without adding soap, detergent, and water. 

Janitorial service businesses recognize these various methods that offices can help to keep their daily routines cleaner and germ free making their job easier and clients healthier.  Excel Building Services located in Tampa and serving Sarasota and Lakeland areas as well, sees their role as not only office cleaning expert, but also an educator and leader in commercial cleaning.  The more that clients know about how important different methods, products, and machines are used to maintain their clean environment on a continual basis, the better that companies like Excel can provide those services. 

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