Solar 360 Announces “Made In USA” Solar Panel Campaign

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( — December 26, 2013) Orange, California — Many solar companies take the cheaper route of buying equipment and supplies from overseas producers.  However, Solar 360 prides itself on using only American-made solar panels.  Despite the fact that this Orange County solar power company uses only solar components made in the United States, they are still able to keep costs low and satisfy customers throughout southern California.

Solar 360 is dedicated to supporting American businesses.  This Riverside County solar company purchases and installs only the best American solar panels, giving customers who need solar panels in San Bernardino County and elsewhere in southern California the energy they need to operate their homes as well as the long-lasting quality they expect.
When it comes to installing any home solar system, the quality of the panels is of primary importance.  While many solar energy companies attempt to cut costs and save money by purchasing cheap solar panels, Solar 360 does not.  This company prides itself on only using the highest-quality solar panels for installation in homes in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties or anywhere in southern California that homeowners want great solar service.


Solar energy is a renewable and reliable power source that cuts energy costs and consumption of fossil fuels.  Environmentally friendly and practically free, solar power is the way to generate electricity without leaving behind a legacy of consumption and pollution.  California homeowners who are interested in solar power can talk to the experts at Solar 360 about how solar power can work for them.  Furthermore, solar energy customers who want to patronize American businesses can turn to Solar 360 for American-made products and high-quality solar panels as well as expert installation.


About Solar 360:  Solar 360 is a California solar companydedicated to the concept of spreading solar energy use throughout the region with cost-effective home and business solutions.  Solar 360 is a local solar installation company with years in the construction and roofing industries. Owners, Vince Curcie and Frank Monteleone, have made it their personal goals to have a program for every single customer, regardless of their financial situation. Solar is a cheaper alternative to your local utility, and we make it our personal goal to help every home owner save money and go green!


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