Green Bay Chiropractor Provides Migraine Headache Treatment

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( — December 26, 2013) Green Bay, WI — Headaches are a problem for millions of Americans today.  Migraine headaches are the most severe form, and they can be debilitating to those that suffer from them.  Traditional medical treatments have revolved around the use of medication, but today chiropractors are seeing success with natural treatments.


The team at Cornerstone Chiropractic in Green Bay, WI has been helping patients overcome healthcare problems for a number of years.  In that time they have worked with many patients suffering from headaches and migraines without the use of medication.


When interviewed at his office Green Bay Chiropractor Bill Binsfeld said, “One of the things that we know about most headaches today is that medication can help, but it generally does not get to the source of the problem.  In order for a patient to have long term success we have to find the true cause. Chiropractic care is focused around identifying this cause and working at the source.  In the case of headaches or migraines we find that small misalignments in the spine is very often where we need to be looking.”


Doctor Binsfeld went on to say, “Headaches are one of the common health issues that we see the most success with in our office.  Chiropractic care itself does not directly correct the headache, but by removing pressure from the nervous system we allow the body to function properly.  Our bodies are amazing if they can work free of interference.”


Finally, Doctor Binsfeld said, “The reason that there are so many people out there struggling with conditions like this is that they don’t have the information they need to know where to go for help.  One of our goals each month is to raise community awareness by doing health screenings and talks.  We believe that we can improve the lives of thousands of people in our area as information becomes more accessible.”


Doctor Bill and his team work with patients from all over the fox valley area.  They provide consultations to any patient that has questions about whether or not chiropractic treatment is right for them.  For more information about the services provided at Cornerstone Chiropractic please visit their website by clicking this link:

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