Dudley Media Group Announces “Curse of the Dragon Slayer” on DVD Soon

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(Newswire.net — December 27, 2013)  Las Vegas, NV. — For all the dragon slayer lovers, the medieval fantasy movie “Curse of the Dragon Slayer” will debut on DVD very soon the Dudley Media Group announced in their December 18, 2013 article. The Dudley Media Group is a popular trending topics website that covers all the latest news, and celebrity hipe. The article stated, “If you have been waiting patiently, or maybe not even all that patiently for a film that delves into the heart of medieval adventures complete with elves and dragons, you will not want to miss, Curse of the Dragon Slayer.”


The “Curse of the Dragon Slayer” is scheduled to be available in May of 2014, so all you medieval fantasy flick lovers only have a few months to wait. This film is about a Knight in shining armor that joins forces with a very lovely elf bounty hunter to fight against the release of the God of the Undead. The beautiful but deadly elf is played by Daniella Chuchran, who makes the perfect leading lady to the knight in shining armor that is played by Richard McWilliams. Many have not heard of Richard McWilliams yet, but will surely remember him after they have seen him as he debutes in the staring role of the “Curse of the Dragon Slayer” and is the perfect match for Danielle Chuchran who many remember from her “Body of Proof” starring role.


This handsome knight of the order may just be the next big thing, as he blazes onto the screen ready to slay the dragon that is guarding the orc’s lair. It may be his handsome demur, or his great performance, that many people will flock to see. Personally, I will watch this movie multiple times to hear his alluring accent, that no woman can resist!


The handsome dragon slayer in “Curse of the Dragon Slayer” tracks the group of orc cultists, known as the Shadow Cabal, and after the trail goes cold he enlists the help of the beautiful Nemyt who is the elf bounty hunter. Their meeting is not by chance, because the well known orc raider, Kullimon pairs the two also providing the two with his invaluable help in the quest.


The Dudley Media Group writes, “This is an exciting adventure in fantasy that looks to be just what the doctor ordered to keep us busy while we wait for new episodes of Game of Thrones. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a butt-kicking heroine? Nemyt is dressed like a true warrior and not one of those totally unbelievable female leads that runs around wearing next to nothing. Judging by the trailer, the film is packed with lots of action. You can check it out for yourself in the video trailer to the right. This could be the perfect DVD to pop in for one of those nights you just feel like staying in with your significant other.”



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