Banyan Hypnosis Center Announces Help for the Holiday Season

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( — December 27, 2013) Tustin, California — The professionals at Banyan Hypnosis Center are called upon to help clients deal with many types of tasks and issues.  However, Banyan Hypnosis Center always sees a surge around the holiday season, according to founder Cal Banyan.

“We expect that 2014 will be a banner year for our office as we help our clients make valuable
and exciting changes.  Why do we expect this?  Because we are already getting phone calls from potential clients and past clients asking us if hypnosis works to empower New Year’s resolutions,” says Banyan.

The staff at Banyan Hypnosis Center has already been busy helping clients deal with the stress of holiday family get-togethers, shopping and other things that cause this season to be less-than-merry. Hypnosis is effective in many cases in helping these clients cope with the additional stress of the holidays.

However, there are still clients who want more from hypnosis sessions.  These clients are interested in losing weight, quitting smoking, building confidence and motivation or overcoming other bad habits.  Banyan Hypnosis Center offers the latest techniques and information on hypnosis for these clients, helping them to meet their goals and enjoy a better quality of life through the help of hypnotherapy.

Everyone at Banyan Hypnosis Center works hard to ensure that clients get the most from hypnosis.  Many people are able to use it as a tool to help them secure a better quality of life through accomplished New Year’s resolutions.

About Banyan Hypnosis Center:  Banyan Hypnosis Center is an educational and service center located in Tustin, California.  The professionals at Banyan Hypnosis Center offer classes in all forms of hypnosis as well as advice on how to make hypnotherapy a lifelong career.  Cal Banyan, with a master’s degree in psychology and many awards from various organizations, leads this team of professionals in helping others discover the power of hypnosis to change lives and make them better.

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