HOROSCOPE 2014 – Astrologer Lisa Lazuli releases book of horoscopes.

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Are you one of those people who are waving 2013 goodbye with relief or even turning your back on it with disgust; according to Lisa Lazuli it was a tough one for many due to the number of stressful aspects the planets have been making; but what of 2014?  Will our masters in the sky be behaving – what can we expect?


Lisa Lazuli was a regular astrologer on BBC local radio for many years before turning her attention to writing. Her kindle book HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology and Numerology Horoscopes is available to buy right now on amazon.  


If you are used to newspaper horoscopes, you are in for a pleasant surprise, as Lazuli’s forecasts are no nonsense, down to earth and all encompassing; written in her chatty style it feels like you sitting with her having a reading.


How about some spoilers to wet your appetite:


Capricorn: “This is a year where more than ever you can take the reigns and make powerful and lasting changes to the direction of your life.”


Pisces: “Your optimism and energy will both carry you through and your obvious enthusiasm will win you support and help inspire those around you.”


Sagittarius: “2014 is a window of opportunity for Sagittarians to whip out the bucket list and check up on all those things you have wanted to do but have never had time to do.”


Leo: “Your energy will be high as will your enthusiasm, you will work hard and take advantage of some surprising opportunities in this dynamic and fertile period.”


Aries: “Aries are known for their energy, motivation and the gusto with which they tackle life and this year will be a case in point.”


Libra: “Librans are in the process of restructuring their lives; you are driven to get organised and purge yourself of old relationships, habits, people and places which no longer serve your needs.”


Taurus: “2014 is a year when they will see opportunities to make changes in a slow and steady fashion that will improve their home life and their work and future prospects.”


Scorpio: “Circumstances which happen out of the blue may give you either the impetus or courage to say, “Enough!” and to draw that line.  It is also thus a time where you can make a fresh start, with lessons learned.”


Aquarius: “Definitely a sexy year when passions will flare and where your own actions may surprise you.  I am not only talking about bedroom sexy, I am talking about reawakened passions that may or may not be carnal in nature.”


Gemini: “Gemini often scatter energy and tend to lack focus, but from the end of 2013 and into 2014 the drive to tackle life, improve efficiency and jump into the things which usually you don’t have the courage to tackle is yours.”


Cancer: “Cancer are approaching 2014 filled with ideas and very mentally motivated.  Cancer are at a crossroads and they can feel themselves being pulled in several different directions at once.”


Virgo: “Virgos are modest and shy and so it is not in your nature to be a forerunner, however as the year goes on you will find that people turn to you for advice and because they value your experience or your expertise in various fields.”     



Each chapter begins with a detailed yearly overview followed by a quarterly forecast broken down into general, love and work.  There is a chapter on numerology and how to calculate you ‘personal year’ at the end.


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