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Digital marketing activities are increasingly important for businesses success. It requires an understanding of the tools and channels and knowledge about the particular industry. Digital4Lawyers therefore focuses on the legal profession in Australia.


With more mobile phones than tooth brushes in the world, more than 5 million LinkedIn® members in Australia, and according to more than 13 million Facebook accounts in Australia, the digital and mobile age has truly arrived. The various forces as market research firm Gartner calls them – Nexus of Forces being mobile, social media, big data and cloud computing – are converging into one perfect storm. 


Keeping up-to-date and deciding what the right thing to do is, becomes increasingly difficult for any kind of business. It requires both an understanding of the new tools and channels and of the change in behaviour of the customers. In addition knowledge of the particular needs and language of an industry is essential. 


With that background Michael Alf decided to set-up the agency “Digital4Lawyers” which focuses on the legal profession in Australia and on digital marketing channels including mobile marketing. 


Alf says:”Our mission is to help our clients achieve a strong digital footprint to attract more customers and grow revenues and profitability. We do that by offering leading tools and strategies like mobile marketing, social media management, webinar management and other services.”


Alf continues to say, that Digital4Lawyers is working on specific content for the legal profession. An example is the presentation of “the 5 steps to improve your digital footprint significantly” that can be accessed via the website. 

Digital4Lawyers is also publishing a specific white paper how to best use Google when you have a law practice. 

“And finally,” Alf adds, “we are planning to publish a special issue of our magazine ‘The Modern Executive’ focussing on “the legal profession in the digital age”. 


Furthermore Alf says that he is very excited to work with lawyers and law firms to help them to embrace and utilise the new digital marketing channels. 


Alf concludes:”If I had one recommendation it would be to get a mobile optimised website. This is a tiny investment with good potential or more importantly not investing this money will likely harm many of your larger marketing investments.”


If you want to read more about Digital4Lawyers and get access to the presentation with the five steps go to



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Digital4Lawyers (brand of totalu Pty Ltd.) is a Melbourne, Australia, based provider of digital marketing services for the legal profession. Services include mobile marketing, social media management, publishing of digital magazines, online advertisement and webinar management. For more information go to 



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