ROL Wheels Began With Inspiration From Cycling Greats

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( — December 30, 2013) Austin, Texas — Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Sean Lambert had a chance to watch some of the greatest cyclists who ever lived in action at the Coors Classic each summer.  As a child, Lambert was privileged to witness LeMond, Hinault, Fignon, Hampsten, Phinney, Kiefel and others who blazed a trail in serious competitive cycling.  Twenty years later, Lambert founded ROL Wheels, a company dedicated to offering top-quality road bike wheelsets at affordable prices to bring the opportunity for competitive-level cycling to everyone.  A decade later, ROL Wheels is still offering the best in race bike wheels.


ROL Wheels offers the very best road bike wheels available in the form of bike wheelsets as well as individual wheels or accessories.  Whether customers are involved in mountain bike competition, cyclocross or any other form of recreational or competitive biking, ROL Wheels has the wheels to encourage a smooth, safe ride and top-notch performance.


ROL road wheels are the foundational offerings and what started this company.  Road wheels include everything from carbon clinchers to all-mountain performance.  Cyclocross wheels, developed in Lambert’s home state of Colorado, offer unsurpassed performance and longevity even under the most demanding and punishing conditions.  Finally, mountain wheels provide the very best in rugged, all-terrain performance no matter where cyclists take their bikes.


For the latest and greatest bike wheel technology and high performance standards, ROL Wheels can provide professional-grade bike wheelsets that give the ultimate service in all conditions and for all types of professional and competitive biking.  Even those who only ride for pleasure will enjoy the durability and performance of ROL Wheels.


About ROL Wheels:  The goal of ROL Wheels is to promote a fresh attitude to the world of cycling and triathlon.  In order to do this, the professionals at ROL Wheels strive to provide customers with the highest quality of roadbike wheelsets at an affordable price as well as delivering an unparalleled level of service.  ROL Wheels offers the very best in performance bike wheels for all conditions and types of road use at a price that will allow almost anyone to put quality wheels on his or her cycle.

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