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There are two schools of thought as we share the seo conundrum of our industry and that is: seo is impossible to succeed at because of the constant changes or seo is wonderful because of the constant changes.  Change is a constant variable that when swimming in the technological world, will and should never end.  Our role as seo experts is challenging but fulfilling in that we are the ambassadors for change and improvement.  We are not only reactive to the changes but we also have a responsibility in becoming a part of those changes and improvements that are occurring. 


If we were just static like a pipe fitting that always worked the same way over decades, we would be obsolete.  But we are not.  We operate in an intelligent world and are required to balance and test the imagination and depths of human thought.  We are musicians that are not only learning new music but we are also learning how to play new instruments. 


There are themes that seem to run loud and clear however and that is that the quality and content of the written word is most powerful.  Search engines are smarter and more human now in their abilities to decipher meanings and intentions through deeper comprehension.  The days of the search bots that picked up keywords and gave credit for counting the most keywords without any sentence or phrase sense to the human thought process are over.  The days of jury rigging relationships and links that could be construed as mass artificial creation as opposed to authentic and genuine development of links constructed properly have come to pass as well. 


Website design is central to the search building process.  Since these changes to businesses have come about, the website design work has become more intertwined with seo cultivation and methodology.  Social media and directory listings have also evolved into their own genre.  Always important, these mediums for interaction are now taking the popularity contest to a whole new level  The search engines are not the judging committee, they are only the rules committee to ensure that the participants play by the rules without infractions.  The judges are the directories that count the votes to determine popularity.  Social media establishes different nuances of the playing field where we all participate.  Collectively, we are all in the Olympic games of life. 

Dynamic interaction is where the changes are most apparent.  Illustrations, photos, and videos have taken a stronghold on much of our industry because human demand for pictures and videos has and always will be more popular than reading the written word.  Although the written word will always need its representation, coupled together, they both must be present and accounted for. 


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