Meridian Veterinarian Offering Cost Saving Plans For Pet Care

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( — December 31, 2013) Meridian, Idaho Time magazine recently reported an amazing fact – even in the age of soaring veterinarian care costs, pet owners continue to refuse to cut corners when it comes to their animal companions. However, this is also forcing caring pet owners to think creatively about how to afford the care their pets need.


“Pet Care” as a category incorporates a variety of expenses – everything from toys and costumes to food and treats to rehabilitative therapy and preventative services. Emergencies and illnesses are also factored in. On average, pet care expenses continue to rise between one and 1.5 billion dollars per year. Pet care expenses topped $25.5 billion in 2012.


What may be hardest for pet owners to adjust to in an economy that continues to struggle is the rising cost of veterinarian services. For long time pet owners, all it takes is a scan of the checkbook to realize how sharply pet care expenses have increased – by an estimated 73 percent over the last decade! There are many reasons for this. As technology developed for human care is translated to pet care, pets now have access to many of the same innovative – and expensive – services their owners benefit from, including x-rays, blood tests, chemotherapy, and laser surgery. As well, innovations in veterinary medicine have produced better screening and diagnostic tests, leading to better treatment outcomes – all at a higher price tag.


However, there is another lesser known benefit to pet owners’ ongoing willingness to foot the bill for their pets’ care. Pets are simply good for human health! Numerous studies from sources as varied as WebMD, the American Pet Products Association (APPA), and Oprah have cited the undeniable health benefits derived from owning a pet. Lower stress, better physical and mental health, lower levels of depression, and a stronger heart are all linked to pet ownership.


So what are pet owners doing to continue to afford care for their animal companions when the money coming in just doesn’t add up? Depending on the type of pet, average lifespan, known genetic vulnerabilities, and unexpected emergencies, the average pet owner will spend between $5,000 and $50,000 per pet over the course of that pet’s lifetime. As such, more and more dedicated and devoted pet owners are turning to pet insurance to keep costs manageable.


For instance, Linder Pet Medical Care ( pet insurance costs as little as $15 per month for the Retail Plan, which gives pet owners up to a 50 percent discount on medications and treatment, including preventative (wellness) care and required vaccinations. For pets that need a little (or a lot) of extra care, the Wellness Plan costs just $20 per month and includes dental care or surgery as needed after the first 12 months. Other Wellness Plan benefits include free wellness, diagnostic and sick exams, all required vaccinations, and up to a 50 percent discount on medications and treatments. Other optional riders include an Emergency/Mobile rider, a multi-pet discount plan, and both monthly and annual fee payment options.


With the addition of pet insurance, pet owners are finding new creative ways to provide red carpet care to their beloved non-human companions without stressing their budget to do so. In this way, pet insurance is a win-win for both human and animal!

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