Real Estate Investor Secures Capital for Large Investment in Houston

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( — January 4, 2014) The Woodlands, TX — (Tri-State Financial Solutions, Inc.), Dave Puza has gone from airline captain to real estate investor. Initially entering the real estate market in an attempt to obtain a faster, better and safer return on his portfolio, Dave has now established a full service real estate investment company.  He took his experience as a pilot to navigate the home investor market.  As a result he has earned the trust of financial backers to help build his growing company.


Initially incorporated in New Jersey, Tri-State Financial Solutions relocated their operations to The Woodlands, Texas over a decade ago assisting hundreds of homeowners ever since. The company’s latest round of capital investment will allow continued growth in the greater Houston, TX market.


The philosophies of a pilot are similar to investing, although not apparent at first glance.

Preparation and Investing in Luxury Homes

An airline captain must spend a tremendous number of hours in preparations before lifting that huge aircraft off the runway.  Understanding not only the instrumentation in the aircraft but also the weather as changes in climate conditions greatly affects all flights. Many of a pilot’s duties are supported by specialists that assist a captain in making the safest and most economical decisions for his passengers, crew, and company.  Ultimately however, any pilot will tell you, every decision rests on the shoulders of the pilot-in-command.


The same is true with real estate investing.  As a homeowner you need to understand all the market conditions and listen to all the indicators to make sure you are making the right decisions when it comes to purchasing investment property.  That’s the real difference between your weekend course rookie with little or no capital resources and an experienced, knowledgeable, well-funded investor.  He understands his market and has made preparations so that the money he invests will definitely bring a return with sound buying principles. The profit is made when you buy not when you sell.  Purchase in any market is determined by how much you invested because every market has a cap on the amount you can sell a property for, so a wise investment creates a greater gain.   Return on investment (ROI) is what keeps him at the top of his game. He is trusted by his group of private investors and cash on hand to fly a safe course and reach the final destination of great returns. 


Attitude for Buying Investment Property in the Luxury Home Market

Just as you would want a pilot that is in control and level headed when flying, you should expect the same from an investor when entrusting them with the purchase of your property.  It is said of Warren Buffet back in 2008, when investors were racing for the exits amidst a global economic meltdown. Mr. Buffet coolly threw a lifeline to a few companies even though their stock prices were dwindling.  He experienced great returns and again Mr. Buffett didn’t allow himself to be rattled by chaos that had engulfed the markets, instead turning an analytical eye on … correctly concluding that his investment bank would be spared the kinds of losses that wracked its competitors. He said “Wisdom and a cool head will always keep you way ahead of the game.  So as a person who is not influenced by the panic of what goes around him but takes the market fluctuations and capitalizes on them these are the men you listen to and have confidence in”.

The Woodlands Texas has been Dave’s base and Tri-State Financial Solutions, Inc. is a Texas corporation purchasing properties requiring an expedited closing time frame. Many of the company’s clients are homeowners facing divorce, loss of employment, a death in the family, or a property in need of repairs or that may be difficult to sell.


Dave says that Tri-State buys houses in all price ranges.  This way it does not limit itself to luxury homes in order to maintain a diverse portfolio. Dave maintains his investment businesses buying ability the flexibility to cover the full spectrum of distressed properties. He states when there is a good investment and the need to close quickly he is there to make it happen.


Tri-State does standout by its ability work in with luxury homes which is a difficult market to invest in.  They are able to overcome one of the main obstacles for many which is cash and the ability to close quickly.  This is why Dave has been able to come to the aid of luxury home owners in distress.


Recoginized as The Woodlands Luxury Home Investor.

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