Matric 2013 Results – Get Yours On Mobile

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( — January 5, 2014) Pretoria, Gauteng — 

For those who would like their matric 2013 results as soon as they are released SABC Education have a SMS system available. If you have not registered yet do it now and get your results the moment they are available.


It is very easy to register and the SMS will only cost R3. All you need to do is SMS your ID number and Exam number to 35658.


It is almost the big day and the only thing you can do now is wait. If you are feeling anxious, nauseas or panicky, do not despair because this is quite normal. The Matric exams are over and you have to trust that you have done everything to the best of your ability, so even though today may feel very long, time stands still for no one and tomorrow will come soon enough.


Our advice to you is to try not to second guess yourself and have confidence that you did your best. More than your best you cannot do. Whatever happens is going to happen and the good news is that everything will be okay.


All the time, energy and efforts, which you have spent in school over a period of years, has all been gearing up to this point. You can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone and many other people in the country are sitting in the exact same boat that you are in right now.

Try not to allow your head to run away with you.


When it comes to those annoying butterflies, which you may have right in the pit of your stomach, try to get them to fly back to wherever they came from. What you are feeling is completely NORMAL.


Some people say that normal is just a cycle on the washing machine, but today, whatever it is that you are feeling, is completely and utterly normal. Even if you are feeling numb from anxiety, then that is okay too.


The anticipation is here, and you, every other person, family member, partner, friend and teacher is waiting for the beautiful calm of the rainbow after the storm.


“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”– Alfred Hitchcock

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