Luxury Outdoor Picnic Blanket Becoming a Must Item For All Parents!

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Freddie and Sebbie make products for parents of small children. The makers of the Kick Mat and Stroller Clip began because of shortcomings with products for parents of young children. “Most of what was there was low quality,” said Neil Speight Co-Founder of Freddie and Sebbie, “so we set out to change it.”


Well then, they launched their newest merchandise which is the blanket. This isn’t just any blanket. This blanket is made to suit any of your recreation thus it is perfect for a beach trip, picnic and the likes. What set this blanket aside from any other items in the marketplace today is that this is truly large once you open it and it is made from a high quality checkered-style material.


Measuring 78in x 55in and a waterproof PEVA backing, the blanket includes a foam layer on the interior as well. “Packing everything necessary for an outdoor jaunt can be hard. However, Neil said that this blanket has a trick in stored to it, its “sleeve”.


The entire blanket folds up into a small package and then is secured with high quality leather straps.Its portability is what makes this Outdoor Blanket perfect for moms and dads juggling over just a kid. Like all Freddie and Sebbie products, the Outdoor Blanket bears the same NO-Hassle Lifetime guarantee.


Freddie and Sebbie welcome complaints regarding issues seen on their items. As a matter of fact, they are willing to replace it. “Not many can make such a guarantee,” said Neil.


All the merchandise of Freddie and Sebbie are widely and exclusively available over attain multitude of audiences from all around the world thus making the product of Freddie and Sebbie reach over a significant number of people around the globe. “The more individuals we can get to and help, the better,” said Neil.


About Freddie and Sebbie One of the objectives of Freddie and Sebbie is to give lavishness and ease to parents and their youngsters through their Outdoor Picnic Blankets and other baby products. We take pride of giving items that aren’t just top quality but are safe and reliable to use. It is our definitive goal to provide every parent and their child the best product they can make use of.


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