Charles C Harmon Co LLC Launches Life Glow Brand Health and Beauty Products

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( — January 7, 2014) Carson City, Nevada — The Charles C Harmon Co LLC announced today that they have begun production on a new health and beauty category of products that will be marketed under the Life Glow Products name.  The Founder and CEO, Chuck Harmon stated “along with our home and garden product line, we want to add the health and beauty category.  We see a need for a line of high quality weight loss, vitamin and beauty products that will deliver real results for the people who use them.  With this in mind we’re launching our first product and will announce that a bit later this week.”

“People who are looking for weight loss products and want only the best quality will find our lineup to be exactly that.  We want to slowly grow into this category with exceptional products and not just more of the same old thing that people have come to expect disappointment with.  Our products will be tailor made for people who like and recognize superior quality items.” he said.

The company announced the launch at a small gathering in Carson City, Nevada, on November 20.  There will be more information on the Life Glow Products web site as soon as the web site is live, in early February.  In the meanwhile, people can access the other company products at the Home and Garden America web site.  

Harmon continued “We are all about people, their homes and families and we want our products to represent that mission.  The home and garden product line has been very well received and we expect the same with the new health and beauty line.  The American public is generally overweight, and they know it, so they are looking for solutions to what is probably the biggest threat to their health…obesity.  Fat loss is a huge step in the right direction and with our products that can soon become a reality for anyone.”

While pricing information is not available at this time the company stated that their prices will be in line with other high quality brands and will deliver extreme value to their customers.  Once the line is developed, there will be an announcement for people to try the products at very attractive discount pricing.Charles C Harmon Co LLC