Premier Print Source Offers Canopies for Outdoor Events

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( — January 8, 2014)–Premier Print Source is known for its professional banner printing as well as its wide variety of setups for shows and events.  One of the company’s most versatile and useful items is the 10 x 10 canopy, available with almost any type of screen printing for trade show displays or outdoor events.

No matter what the weather, some events are held outdoors.  Even in the nippiest chill or rainiest seasons, there are outdoor events at which a company may wish to advertise its products and presence.  While Premier Print Source’s banner printing in San Diego and trade show displays in Los Angeles are in high demand, sometimes companies need more than a table cover to protect their valuable displays.  In these cases, a canopy may be the answer.

Pop up canopies assemble in moments and can be put up by one or more people at any San Diego trade shows.  These canopies are crafted from professional grade materials and are subjected to rigorous quality control inspections.  With user-friendly designs and features, pop up canopies can be combined with feather flags, banners and other items to create the perfect Los Angeles or San Diego trade show displays.

Not only are pop up canopies easy to assemble, but they provide shade and protection from rain.  This makes these particular types of outdoor advertising not only visually appealing but useful for trade shows or events that are held out of doors.

Premier Print Source also carries a full line of portable trade show booths, pop up display items and other advertising material to outfit a company completely for trade show displays in San Diego, Los Angeles or anywhere conferences are held.

About Premier Print Source:  Premier Print Source is a leading designer of feather flags, trade show booths displays, pop up display items and other advertising material, including easy-to-use pop up canopies.  Professional trade show booth design, combined with affordable prices and flexible applications, make Premier Print Source the place to go for all conference and trade show materials.


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