Products for Medicine Introduces Xenon Arc Lamp Line

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( — January 9, 2014) Anaheim, California–For nearly 25 years, Products for Medicine has been supplying medical clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices around the world with top-quality lighting products.  Surgical headlights, lamps and other equipment is always available from Products for Medicine.  Now, this major supplier of medical tools in Anaheim, CA, offers a full line of xenon arc lamps for every surgical and medical requirement.

Long known for its bright, white light that is as close as possible to natural sunlight, the xenon arc lamp has become a staple for surgical and in-office procedures and a favorite of medical professionals everywhere.  The xenon arc lamp is a specialized gas discharge lamp and is not available through all medical retail suppliers.

As a nationally-recognized manufacturer of quality operating room equipment, Products for Medicine produces some of the best fiber optic light sources and surgical headlights in the country.  All products are manufactured in the United States at the Anaheim facility to top-quality standards and are shipped to doctors and hospitals throughout the nation and the world.  Products for Medicine also offers disposable products such as sterilization tray systems and hydrogen peroxide sterilization options.  Financing is available and the product selection is varied enough to meet almost any surgical or medical needs.

Finding the right medical or surgical light sources is not always simple.  With Products for Medicine, medical professionals are able to find the right lights for their particular needs at prices that make it easy to incorporate the latest lighting technology into medical practices.  With a full line of xenon arc lamps as well as other types of lighting sources, Products for Medicine can outfit any doctor, clinic or hospital operating room with the perfect lighting options.

About Products for Medicine:  Products for Medicine was incorporated in 1989 and manufactures an entire line of surgical and xenon light sources for medical and dental markets.  The company maintains a state-of-the-art, 7,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California, and offers a full and comprehensive range of tools and supplies for the medical profession.


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