Dudley Media Group Names Matt Bomer First Hottie of the Week for 2014

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(Newswire.net — January 10, 2014) Las Vegas, NV. — Matt Bomer became the next “Hottie of the Week” on the Dudley Media Group’s “Hottie” list. The “Hottie of the Week” list began a few weeks back when this popular trending topics website began picking sexy people for this title. The first was Luke Evans, then Emma Stone, and now Matt Bomer. Who will be next?


The article began with, “This is going to be a tough one to explain, not because we can’t justify making Matt Bomer our hottie of the week, but because there is far too much sexiness going on with him that it can’t possibly be described in one article.” Well from that picture that was posted with the article, we can sure see the truth in that statement.


The article continued by explaining, “To say Matt Bomer is simply good looking would be the under statement of the century. Bomer looks like the ultimate Disney prince with those gorgeous blue eyes and that shiny black hair. Everything about him screams, “I’m so sexy it hurts!” When in reality what it really hurts is everyone except his partner, because we are not the ones going home with him at night.”


Matt Bomer is sexy alright, however, it does not stop there. He is known for how much he cares for his friends, yes Matt Bomer is really a nice guy. Then there is his voice, WOW, is all that can be said! Now it is very easy to see why he was chosen as the first “Hottie of the Week” in 2014 by the Dudley Media Group.


The article about Matt went on to say, “From the moment he first appeared on screen as the somewhat reformed, but somewhat still active, criminal, Neil Caffrey on the USA Network hit series, White Collar, women have found themselves swooning over the gorgeous actor. His bad boy character who means well gave women something to look forward to at night, or at least the nights White Collar was on. However, when Bomer stripped down to a G-string in the film, Magic Mike, women of the world began to truly mourn the fact that this sexy stud was not a single man and in fact was married with kids.”


All this journalist knows is I could watch Matt Bomer in person, on the screen, or wherever he wants to strip! Thanks Dudley Media Group for recognizing this sexy star, and as we all sit here mesmerized by his good looks we can’t help but wonder who will next weeks “Hottie of the Week” be?


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