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( — January 10, 2014) Dallas, TX – Like clockwork, as women around the world welcome the New Year, resolutions are set. Resolutions to be happier, eat healthier, try something new, and, of course, exercise.  When asked what their goal for exercise is nine out of ten will reply that they want to get a flat tummy – and fast. Flat Tummy Yoga by Julie Schoen (Little Pearl Publishing) is a great place to kick off this year’s health run, packed with exercises and workouts, all of which can be perused for free as the book will be given away to customers on Amazon today through Sunday, January 12th.  

Flat Tummy Yoga is a simple yet effective approach to sculpting a slim, strong midsection. The only equipment necessary is a yoga mat and a few minutes each day, which makes it difficult to find a reason not to stick to resolutions.

“I see so many women at the gym doing sets of serious crunches and sit-ups thinking that all of that discomfort will some day give them the lean, toned midsection they are after,” laments the author, who claims that she hasn’t done a sit-up or crunch in years. “Women know what they want, but they are clueless when it comes to knowing how to get it. I want to change that.”

Many women, including celebrities and models, have turned to yoga in recent years because of its ability to provide a unique mix of strength and cardio training all with little to no impact on the joints. Not only does a well-sequenced yoga class burn calories and sculpt muscles, the meditative quality to the exercise (found by focusing on the breath and repetition) helps to reduce stress. Recent studies have proven that stress increases the levels of cortisol in the body, which triggers fat to stick and stay, especially in unwanted areas, like tummy and thighs.

Flat Tummy Yoga offers the reader with Schoen’s personal yoga routines complete with professional photography and clear, easy-to-understand instructions, each sequence geared towards specifically targeting the tummy for fast flattening and sculpting. The book also offers sound advice for why sit-ups should be a thing of the past (especially for women wanting a flat stomach) and additional exercises to add to daily workouts to make sure desired results are achieved.


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