New Nurse Vocation Resource for Arizona Introduced

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( — January 10, 2014) Phoenix, AZ

A brand new website tailored to help potential nurse students learn about health care career training has opened up in Arizona.


The internet site is a venture created to help website visitors discover more details about jobs and education possibilities within the health care industry around the state of Arizona.


The web site’s head writer Teri Anderson suggested that the most often used part of the website was certainly the school search element which allows site visitors to check out formal education institutions and other career preparation options based upon where they are currently living or by where they want to attend classes.


“The healthcare field has plenty of career opportunities for many different types of individuals,” noted Anderson, “Besides the different levels of nurses, there are also many other positions, including a variety of medical equipment technician jobs, that people can get into often without a four-year degree.”


Anderson pointed out that their website is totally free to try. There is no charge to access the site and no subscription is necessary.


“One of the great features of nurse education is that beginning nursing students will find out right away if this field isn’t right for them,” concluded Anderson, “It isn’t like a lot of college majors where a student goes through four years of classes, only to graduate, start working in their first job and then discovering that they don’t actually like the job they’ve spent years preparing for. A nursing student can discover during their first few classes if they’ve made a good choice or not.”



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