Jack Attack is in The House

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(Newswire.net — January 12, 2014)  


What happened to good old fashioned talent that has deep seeded roots that germinated from a raw canvas that has cultivated true stardom?  Jaclyn Valentine is a home grown ingénue, born and raised in Ontario, Canada where she always followed her passion for sports, music, and cooking.  Precocious to the core, Jaclyn followed whatever it was that was interesting and engaging.  Her culinary talents were cultivated baking cookies and cakes with her beloved grandparents where she honed her skills in heartfelt love in any endeavors she pursued. 

After high school, she enrolled in the George Brown College Culinary School where she learned butchery and the advanced culinary skills of fine dining and cuisine.  She recognized the art of cooking before it was fashionable and appeared on the media circuit with the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay.  There was a lot more driving this young lady whereby cooking was a slice of life in a real sense and an important component to human sustenance.


Jaclyn embraced the performing arts at an early age where she was a pianist, dancer, and actres in Fine Arts Drama, and always had an affinity for the limelight.  The performing arts were always ingrained in her fabric as while developing these skills, she never lost hold of her athletic prowess playing soccer and where she was a snow boarder as one of the “Snow Angels” in Toronto at age 7 and 8, which was a special group of girl snow boarders that were recognized for their unique and excellent abilities to challenge the difficult and entertain the fainted of hearts. 

Currently with Kharizma Entertainment Group in Toronto, Jaclyn performs as a dancer/ model providing the “It Factor” for this entertainment establishment.  Costumes and dance sequences are her tools for showcasing her choreography and expressions that were destined for Hollywood.  To describe her as a Go-Go dancer is to call Chateau Lafite a table wine.  Her trade has really been crafted to display her passion to relate to the audience that sense of style and class that emanates with every dance step and expression.  Whatever path she chooses to pursue, it is worthwhile staying tuned because it only gets better with age as does the Lafite. 

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